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LeSieur LogisticsLeSieur Logistics is a company dedicated to people and innovation to make new technologies more accessible and secure for the users.

Over the last 4 years, the company has worked in the background on a multitude of projects focused on the future of the Internet.

The first achievement called Kidz CD Suite came to light in mid-February 2006.

Kidz CD Suite is a series of 5 software programs.  It allows children and teenagers to use the Internet in a secure environment shielded from inappropriate content.  The navigator integrated with this technology provides a unique experience and is a world first in logistical security and use. 

Kidz CD Suite offers parents control over software programs that may carry some risks for young users; traditional browsers, chat, file exchange and e-mail programs.

2006 will see the birth of several other innovations.

If you wish to stay informed of future LeSieur Logistics advancements, please fill out the form in the "Contac us" section.


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